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The 10 Most Valuable Consulate Buildings in New York City

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The good people of PropertyShark have just released a map of all of the foreign consulates in NYC. Surprise, surprise, they're all located in Manhattan. What's slightly more surprising: which consulates own the most valuable buildings, based on tax assessments. (Worth noting: buyers will often pay much more for a particular mansion than the value assessed by the city.) Here now, Manhattan's 10 most valuable consulate buildings.

10) Address: 9 East 91st Street
Country: Russia
Assessed Value: $4,333,950

9) Address: 821 First Avenue
Country: Turkey
Assessed Value: $4,680,000

8) Address: 3 East 64th Street
Country: India
Assessed Value: $4,727,700

7) Address: 1 East 42nd Street
Country: Taiwan
Assessed Value: $5,134,500

6) Address: 335 East 45th Street
Country: South Korea
Assessed Value: $5,866,650

5) Address: 934 Fifth Avenue
Country: France
Assessed Value: $6,210,900

4) Address: 573 Third Avenue
Country: Romania
Assessed Value: $7,407,000

3) Address: 223 East 52nd Street
Country: Hungary
Assessed Value: $7,560,000

2) Address: 871 First Avenue
Country: Germany
Assessed Value: $14,001,750

1) Address: 520 West Street
Country: People's Republic of China
Assessed Value: $22,618,800
?All photos via PropertyShark.
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