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MTA Rates Subway Station Grossness; Many Are Really Gross

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Last month, some members of city council called for subway stations to be graded on cleanliness much like restaurants are. As it turns out, the MTA pretty much already does this, they just don't share the information with the rest of us. According to the Daily News, the MTA completes periodic reports that rate stations on a scale of 1 to 4 for the overall condition of their floors, walls, and ceiling (think gaping holes, waterfalls when it rains, peeling paint, etc.). There are separate reports, which happen about every four months, for general cleanliness (grime, standing water, rats, etc.) and litter. But the MTA does not post this info anywhere for the public to see, nor do they compile it into one easy-to-understand letter grade. If they did, there'd be plenty of stations to receive failing grades, including this one that the News visited on the 6 line in the Bronx: "The platform is so grimy it looks like the floor of a mechanic’s oil-stained garage. The wall tiles are streaked and splattered with rust-colored ooze, and are pockmarked, as if strafed by gunfire. Riders one day last week had to navigate around a platform puddle that was as long as a train car." Lovely.
· MTA Comes Clean: OK, We Do Rate Stations, and Plenty Get Cruddy Scores [NYDN]