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East Village Mystery Building Now Home to Hotel Toshi

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The makeover of 147 First Avenue, an East Village mystery, seemed extreme enough when we thought it was only going to be residential space designed by Issac & Stern. Turns out it's actually going to be run by Hotel Toshi. EV Grieve spotted the description on the Toshi website: "This is a self-service apartment style hotel located in the East Village on the corner of E9th Street and 1st Avenue. There is no front desk and check-ins must be completed at an iPad kiosk located in the building lobby. At a compact 280 square feet, this corner unit studio apartment packs everything you need for a modern and comfortable stay in New York City."

That compact corner studio goes for $299/night, and the "studio ?s standard," 270 square feet and a walk-up on the second, third, or fourth floor, is $279/night. Unless you've got a Groupon.
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