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Another archicritic weighs in on Roosevelt Island's Four Freedom's Park, the new FDR memorial designed by Louis Kahn: "On a clear spring day, the entrance to the Room was almost blindingly bright, but inside, the space is proportioned, precise and immediately calming—part burial ziggurat, part holy space. The immense granite blocks are separated by inch-wide spaces, and the interior-facing surfaces are finished to sheen, a touch that adds a glimmering, ethereal effect?.The Kahn structure sits in quiet conversation with these buildings, but the Room feels isolated—a place of meditation and security that is elegantly evocative of the Four Freedoms proposed by FDR for all people in his 1941 State of the Union address: freedom of speech and of religious worship, and freedom from want and from fear." [WSJ]

Four Freedoms Park

Roosevelt Island, E Rd., New York, NY