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'Burg's The Edge Makes Totally Unsurprising Cameo on 'Girls'

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The Edge had a big cameo in an episode of the HBO series "Girls" last night. Williamsburg's hottest high-rise was portrayed as the home of venture capitalist Thomas-John, who picks up Jessa and Marnie at a bar and brings them back to Kent Avenue to show off his sweet DJ skills. Look! He can invest in start-ups and create mash-ups on his twin laptops. Plus, he's got a beard. Total Williamsburg threesome material, right? Wrong. The girls give VC-man the stiff-arm after they've made out on his expensive rug, and then spill wine on it, and that is just one Billyburg Bridge too far! Thomas-John calls them entitled hipsters and banishes them from his North Sixth aerie. Back to your squalid Williamsburg walk-up youngster peasants! Is this a plus or a minus in the marketing column for The Edge?
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