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Five $20K Rentals for Madoffs with Ponzi-Person Problems

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Andrew Madoff is having some trouble renting an apartment. In addition to the usual procedure of credit checks, income verification, and rental background references, some landlords are super-picky about whether you and your dad were allegedly involved in running a multi-billion financial scheme that bilked thousands of people out of their life savings. His dad Bernie's all set for living accomodations for the next few dozen years or so, but Andrew needs to find a rental for his wife and two kids.

They've been looking downtown in Tribeca and the West Village, according to the Post, but as soon as a landlord sees the Madoff name, all of sudden it's cold-shoulder time! Maybe they don't want to be tarnished like Lux 74, which rented to Ponzi scammer Kenneth Starr and Bernie's son Andrew. We found a few rentals currently on the market that are in Tribeca or the West Village, have at least three bedrooms for the whole family, aren't co-ops to avoid any futile interviews that will end in rejection, and have been on the market for a little while with pricechops that indicate a landlord might be flexible about which infamous characters will be signing the monthly checks.

1) 124 Hudson Street - 7B
Roughing It: 3BR/3BA in "a premier building in the heart of TriBeCa."
Bigger Than a Jail Cell:
Rent: $22,500 a month
Time on Market: 9 months (pricechopped 10% in February)
Helpful feature: "The master bedroom with silk covered walls, blackout shades, walk in closet, and spa bathroom is the perfect place to rest after a hectic day." [Corcoran]

2) 47 Murray Street - PH
Roughing It: 3BR/3BA in "a 5 unit classic pre-war loft building that offers soaring ceilings, a truly expansive space."
Bigger Than a Jail Cell: 2,825 square feet
Rent: $15,995 a month
Time on Market: Five months (pricechopped 5% on 1/25; pricechopped 5% on 1/28; pricechopped 11% on 4/4 to $15,995). [Corcoran]

3) 79 Laight Street - Penthouse 5C
Roughing It: 3BR/2.5BA in a "spectacular Triplex Loft Penthouse atop West Tribeca's landmark Sugar Warehouse building."
Bigger Than a Jail Cell 2,888 square feet
Rent: $18,500 a month
Time on Market: 3 months (pricechopped 14% on 4/23; pricechopped 3% on 5/25, to $18,500). [Town]

4) 99 Jane Street
Roughing It: 5BR/4BA condo "literally in the best location" at nexus of Meatpacking District, Hi Line [sic] and Hudson River.
Bigger Than a Jail Cell: 3,000 square feet
Rent: $22,500 a month
Time on Market: 2 months (pricechopped 10 on 5/15 to $22,500). [Halstead]

5) 429 Greenwich Street
Roughing It: 3BR/2.5BA condo "boasts 18 oversized windows with south, west and north exposure."
Bigger Than a Jail Cell: Square footage N/A, but there are nine rooms.
Rent: $26,000 a month
Time on Market: Two-and-a-half months (pricechopped 4/17 to $26,000). [Stribling]
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