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Today in Bee Swarming: Bees Hit Bed-Stuy

"Within the next week, we're going to be bombarded again," NYPD Bee Expert Anthony Planakis predicted this weekend, and he was right. What, did you think he didn't know what he was talking about? He's freakin' NYPD Bee Expert Anthony Planakis! The most recent bee swarm was in Bed-Stuy yesterday morning. It was fairly small by normal bee swarm standards (only 9,000) but it did give a DNAinfo reporter the chance to make two jokes about how "the neighborhood was buzzing." Planakis, who we recently learned is nicknamed "Tony Bees" (awesome), may or may not have been on the scene—the article says that "an NYPD bee specialist" removed the bees, but it doesn't specify if was Planakis himself or some lesser specialist. Maybe swarms under 10,000 aren't big enough for Tony to make a personal appearance.
· Bedford-Stuyvesant Bee Swarm Has Neighbors Buzzing [DNAinfo]