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Brooklyn's Under-Construction Barclays Center Revealed!

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Last month MaryAnne Gilmartin of Forest City and Chris Sharples of SHoP Architects showed Curbed NY around the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which is fast-approaching its opening date of September 28, 2012. Workers were getting ready to pour the floor for the arena's ice rink—a massive job that would require almost a month for the concrete to set properly—as Sharples explained the design of what he felt would be "a game changer in terms of urban-style sporting experiences." Building Barclays Center at the nexus of 11 subway lines and incorporating an openly visible practice court just to the side of the main entrance interior is part of a plan to make the arena a great civic landmark and communal gathering location.
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Barclays Center

Atlantic Avenue at Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY