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Mad Men's 1960s New York Real Estate, in Google Map Form

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With the season finale of Mad Men less than a week away, WNYC is giving fans something to obsess over: a detailed Google map of the New York City locales most frequented by the characters. Most places are in Midtown, near the original Sterling Cooper offices at 405 Madison Avenue, and the Sterling Cooper Draper Price offices in the Time Life Building at 1271 Sixth Avenue, but it also marks quite a few of the characters' homes. Don Draper's modern pad is on Upper East Side at 73rd and Park, and his former apartment is at 104 Waverly Place. Joan Holloway lives at 42 West 12th Street, and Pete Campbell used to rent a 1,500-square-foot apartment at East 83rd Street and Park.

A few other hot spots include the Roosevelt Hotel, the St. Regis, Minetta Tavern, Palm steakhouse, and Peggy's mother's house in Bay Ridge. The map even marks the suburban locations north of the city (Don and Betty used to live in Ossining), and St. Mary's Hospital in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where Peggy gave birth. WNYC is continuing to update the map, so if there's a spot they've missed, head over to the site and let them know. We noticed one conspicuous absence: Roger Sterling's apartment at 31 East 66th Street.
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