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Legends of Rock & Roll Found All Over NYC

Bog Egan tracks down the locations of famous music album covers rock star photography and superimposes their iconic imagery over the streetscape where they were shot. Above is a photo of Bruce Springsteen taken while he was recording his album "The River." It was taken on 10th Avenue and West 53rd Street, in front of a playground that is still used. Most of Egan's finds are in New York City, and he does not skimp on his due diligence in making sure that what you see on the album is what is found in real life. Sometimes this takes some detective work. A shot of Bob Dylan was on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, but his picture and the background on Jacob Street near the Brooklyn Bridge were flipped 180 degrees before printing.

This location was easier for Egan to pin down. There's an address written on the side of one of the trash cans in the shot.
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