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50 Gramercy Park North Pad Would Like a Profit Now, Please

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One of these days, apartment #3A at 50 Gramercy Park North is going to sell for something close to its asking price. Or even close to its previous sale price. But history certainly isn't in its favor: the place sold to its first owners for $4,429,387 in 2006, but even though they relisted it for $6.9 million in 2008, it needed some major choppage to finally sell. The original owners took a loss, unloading the place last year for $4.15 million. The current owners are approaching the resale process with renewed optimism, though: the fresh ask is $4.85 million. There are four other apartments on the market in the building, but 3A is the cheapest, at least.

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50 Gramercy Park North

50 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY 10010