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Here Now, Manhattanville's Public Spaces by James Corner

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It's been more than a year since we've been treated to a Manhattanville rendering, so you can imagine our delight when we came across these two brand new images. The Architects Newspaper got a first look at the renderings from James Corner Field Operations, which show the landscape and new public spaces that will be a part of Columbia University's 17-acre expansion. First impression? They look crowded. Nevertheless, the scalies seem to be enjoying themselves under the dozens of leafy trees. No details on when over the next 25 years these public spaces could come to fruition.

While many people hate the constant construction and the whole expansion plan, Columbia is trying to do right by the environment, at least. The campus is set to become the "first LEED-Platinum certified neighborhood plan" in NYC, and they are using extensive clean construction practices. Thirty-three buildings were demolished to make way for the mega-project, and about 90 percent of those materials have been saved or recycled. Other green details from AN:

All diesel construction equipment, running on ultra-low sulfur fuel, is equipped with particulate filters which release neither soot nor smell, and electric power is used whenever possible. To help create a dust free construction site, all construction vehicles have their wheels and undercarriages washed down twice before they leave the site, and the water use is recycled for future washes.· First Look at Columbia's Manhattanville Public Spaces, and Its Clean Construction Practices [AN Blog]
· Manhattanville coverage [Curbed]

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