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Long-Stalled No. 22 Renwick Seeks Second Life for $25M

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For a small road stuck between Canal Street and the Holland Tunnel, Renwick Street has faced an outsized amount of drama through the condo boom and bust. Most notable among its attempts at luxury development were 15 Renwick, only just now coming back from the dead, and No. 22 Renwick. No. 22 was the tamer of the two, with pricing around $1,300/square foot, but that didn't save it from troubles. The latest: it's looking for a new owner, The Real Deal reports. After a foreclosure judgment against the developers, their interest in the project, along with the lender's right, title, and interest, are on the market for $24.76 million. It should cost around $2 million to finish up construction on the 19-unit building, and the brokers are expecting "ferocious" bidding. We're no developers, but, well, history doesn't exactly favor ferocity for Renwick Street.
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No. 22 Renwick

22 Renwick Street, New York, NY