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Cobble Hill Couple Tries to Crowdfund a DVD Rental Store

We've seen a lot of (sometimes crazy) projects take to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo: the Low Line, this photo shipping container village, bizarro public artworks, building documentaries, even a macaroni and cheese restaurant. Now one Cobble Hill couple is trying to harness the power of the people to renovate the business they just bought: a DVD rental store. In an era of Netflix and instant-streaming, Aaron Hillis is planning a $50,000 makeover for his movie rental business, despite the fact that two other video rental stores in Park Slope closed over the last year. Hillis, a film critic, wants to host screenings and events in the space, in addition to having a knowledgeable movie geek behind the counter at all times to help visitors choose from the eclectic and hard-to-find films that the store stocks. Brooklyn certainly supports more than its fair share of random niche businesses, but one has to wonder if DVD rentals have the same draw as artisanal mayonaise.
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