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Watch Out Sunset Park, the Artists are Coming!

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Artists. They're like the calm before the storm that's gentrification, which means that Sunset Park better brace itself. Today's Journal delves into the neighborhood, singing the praises of Sunset Park's waterfront views, inexpensive real estate, open green space, ease of transit, and eclectic culture. Industry City, a huge former industrial complex, has rented 31 of its 45 commercial artists lofts, which, if we've learned anything, usually means that a shift in residential real estate and a changing commercial landscape will follow. The founder of, who is renting Industry City, says, "the people I'm leasing to?they don't want it to change, because that's going to push up the rents." Hm, sounds familiar...

So how cheap is real estate in Sunset Park? "Large, prewar one-bedroom apartments sell for under $200,000, with 1,000-square-foot three-bedrooms selling for around $350,000," reports the Journal. "The median listing price for real estate in Sunset Park is $299,000, according to, compared with a median of $843,000 in Park Slope and $339,000 in Bay Ridge," the two bordering neighborhoods.

The Journal also mentions a few new(ish) perks in the 'hood, like a new coffee shop, a new boutique hotel, and the inexpensive authentic Mexican and Chinese restaurants. We're just happy they only highlighted one place, lest our favorite taco joint get overrun with neighborhood newbies.
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