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The Roof Is On Fire in Robert De Niro's Apartment

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Robert De Niro has once again proven that celebrities are regular old people—they set their Upper West Side apartments on fire by failing to clean the lint filters in their dryers just like the rest of us! The fire in De Niro's fifth floor apartment in The Brentmore this morning (looks like Sting got out just in time) spread throughout the entire floor and damaged parts of the sixth floor, as well. Considering how much those apartments go for, that's a lot of damage. De Niro is currently out of the country, and, luckily, no one was hurt, but somebody really needs to teach these rich people about fire safety. "I'm lucky the elevator still worked. That's how I was able to get out," said one resident. The elevator? Lady, what are you doing? Everybody knows to take the stairs in a fire! Next you'll be telling us that you don't even know about Stop Drop and Roll. "I was lucky the wind was blowing really hard, because when I caught on fire I was able to put it out by running around really fast and waving my arms."

Probably the best part of the NY Post article is that it ends with a quote from Nathan Bear, a guy who happened to be outside the building when the fire happened. "When [Robert De Niro] finds out about this, he's not gonna be happy," Bear said. Excellent point, Nathan Bear! It is a well-known Robert De Niro fact that he hates when his apartment catches on fire. And well done, NY Post reporter, for getting Nathan Bear's crucial take on how Robert De Niro will probably feel about the fire. And well done, Robert De Niro, for never cleaning out that lint filter and allowing your apartment to catch on fire. Good job all around.
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