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All Kinds of Brokers; A Classic Love Story

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1) In this week's hunt, a young lady is killing it in the pharmaceutical marketing industry and discovers that she now has to pay a bunch of taxes. "I can't find anything to write off," her account tells her. "You should donate some money to charity buy an apartment." She has $40,000 saved up and decides that's enough to buy a $400,000 studio. It isn't. She stops buying clothes all the time. But then things get even darker. She loses her job and moves in with her sister. Then she gets a new job. Then she buys an apartment for just under $400K. Now she pays around $2,500/month in mortgage and maintenance and has tax write-offs. It's just like a fairy tale. [The Hunt/'A Place of Her Own, No Strings Attached']

2) Tina Turner once sang, "There's all kinds of people in this world." Brokers are kind of like people—there are all kinds of them, too! They include The Hand-Holder, The Authority ("People need a daddy figure"), The Local Expert, The Team ("We're like one person divided into three bodies"), and The Legacy Broker ("We hope to stay in the business long enough to get the grandchildren"). Which kind is right for you? [Who's Got Your Back?]

3) It's a love story as old as time: she's a classically trained bassoonist, he's the blind son of a famous author and the most beautiful woman in 1950s Paris. A couple years ago, they got married and started looking for an apartment. It was important to find a place big enough to accommodate his guide dog, Goose, who was trained by Isabella Rossellini, and high enough that there wouldn't be a lot of noise. The place they settled on was a 2BR in Brooklyn Heights for which they paid $500,000. It used to be an office building, and every room is slightly crooked. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, it is very charming, as are they. [Habitats/'Love Story in Residence']