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A FiDi Open House For the Movers and Shakers

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We'll be covering weekend open houses throughout the summer...

Don’t let the hotel-esque décor of the hallways (beige walls, bad lighting, thick maroon carpeting) leading up to apartment #226 fool you into thinking that this condo in FiDi’s 99 John Deco Lofts is anything less than a refreshing take on typical modern architecture. The condo is all about stark simplicity—the warm polished wood floors paired with white walls and clean lines of the oddly, polygonal shaped apartment makes it the perfect haven for nine to fivers looking for a place to rest their weary souls after a grueling day against the uphill market. While the second floor doesn’t provide the most sweeping vistas, above the 5th floor, the apartments are L-shaped and open up to views of the building’s courtyard. To make up for the lack view, the long hallways of the apartment are lined with highly filtered photographs of iconic New York cityscapes, but at a palatial 2,276 square feet the oddly shaped rooms give the condo an eclectic feel.

Like most residents of Manhattan these days, the one couple checking out the apartment was less stuffy, buttoned up Wall Street types and more nouveau trendy. His hair was just a little too clean, his Ray Ban aviators a little too polished, and her printed shift dress just a little bit too expected to be considered citizens of hipster nation. An intense interrogation over whether the apartment has two or three bathrooms was underway (it in fact has three). Along with the multitude of bathrooms, there are also three bedrooms, each with large rectangular windows and their own, admittedly cumbersome in size, air conditioning units. A star attraction of the fully equipped kitchen, including beautiful slate grey Caesar Stone countertops and Electrolux stainless steel appliances, is the state of the art washing machine that is built in to the right of the refrigerator. It’s convenient just in case you have the inexplicable urge to wash your clothes simultaneously with your dishes. The condo also includes closet space fit for the gods as well as movie star style lights surrounding all the mirrors in the bathrooms. This condo is a made for the celebrities of the financial world. Listed at $1,925,000, its also priced exactly for the movers and the shakers.
?Arabella Watters
· Listing: 99 John Street #226 [Curbed]