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Broadway Producer's Theatrical Townhouse on Sale for $22M

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This Upper East Side townhouse belongs to famed theater producer Hal Prince, and it shows. The interior decorating looks like it was done for the benefit of those in the cheapest seats of a Broadway theater, and at the expense of those who actually had to live in the house with a front row vantage point. There is a lot of color, and a lot of prints, but Prince is the director/producer who brought theatergoers "Show Boat", so he is not one to shy away from spectacle. Prince and his wife bought the 20-foot-wide (and 90 feet deep) Georgian townhouse on East 74th for $12.5 million three years ago, according to The Real Deal and are now ready to rake in a $10 million profit by selling for $22 million, after executing a "quadruple mint renovation" on the 6,260-square-foot mansion. Prince has some experience with pricechopping. It took him some time and about $10 million of cuts to unload his prior apartment at 834 Fifth Avenue, where the highly "personal" decor taste may have put off other buyers.

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