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Brooklyn Ready to Let Geek Flag Fly in Tech Triangle

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Northern Brooklyn is prepared to be recognized for more than its hipsters and artisanal foodstuffs. A coalition of business groups is launching a campaign to transform the triangle including Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn, and the Navy Yard into a mecca for the technology and creative economy. The Brooklyn Technology Triangle coalition sent out a request for proposals today for master plans involving public policy, transportation, economic development and placemaking solutions to cement the triangle's position as a locale for high-tech growth.

The main goal of the coalition's requested proposal is to better link Dumbo, DoBro, and the Navy Yard through physical improvements. These improvements can include things like roadways, bike paths, and a series of inter-connected parks, or even connective retail corridors. They can also include aesthetic connectors like public art or consistent lighting and urban design principles. Of course, real estate is a big component of any possible plans. Suggestions for productive changes in zoning regulations will be welcomed.

Put on your thinking caps consultants, because the deadline for submissions is one month away on August 10th.
· Request for Proposal (pdf) [BTT]
· BrooklynTechTriangle [official site]