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Proposed Harlem Building Topper is Rather Hideous

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St. Nicholas Avenue and 146th Street features a short string of varied historic homes that ends at 721 St. Nicholas Avenue on the corner. The Victorian-Romanesque townhouse was built in 1890-91 and is sorely in need of some fixing up. Plans to rehab the building, however, include a rooftop addition that tops an eclectic jumble of mansard, dormers, and gables with a boxy level that has all the combined charms of a security booth and a shipping container. On the plus side, it does draw one's eye towards the curved portion of the upper historic facade, if only to avert one's gaze from what is happening behind it. The address is within the Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill Historic District and the Landmarks Preservation Commission is meeting this morning to discuss this proposal, among others.
· Notice of Public Hearing, 7/10/12 [LPC]