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See a Charming Miniature Chelsea Rendered in Clay

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Micro replicas of New York City never seem to lose their appeal to artists. This guy made Brooklyn out of LEGOs, this artist spent 18 months recreating Canal Street, another guy made tiny vanished storefronts, even an artist in Tel Aviv made a mini NYC out of staples. Here's something new to add to the list: Chelsea made from clay! The artsist of Penn South's Ceramic Studio created a streetscape of neighborhood scenes, showcasing "the low rise buildings that have provided homes for a wonderful and diverse cross section of people and the special landmarks that make Chelsea so special."

The clay creation will be on display in Assemblyman Richard Gottfried's office at 242 West 27th Street from July 30 to September 7. Sounds cute, but we are a bit concerned that the first sentence of the press release reads "From the Flatiron building to the Empire State building, it's Chelsea." Neither of those buildings are in Chelsea, so we hope they got their geography straight before making their model.

· Penn South Ceramics Studio [Official]