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Inside a 240-Square-Foot Brooklyn Heights Studio

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Everyone's talking about micro-apartments and Mayor Bloomberg's initiative to build more of them. Of course, plenty of New Yorkers already live in spaces that qualify as micro, or even smaller than micro, by Bloomberg's 275-to-300-square-foot definition. (Bloomberg's own first NYC apartment was 600 square feet, the Journal points out, and his UES townhouse is 12,500 square feet, so his small is not most NYC dwellers' small.) The Post photographs the 240-square-foot apartment of one Brooklyn Heights couple. One way the space works: the bed is in a loft above the stove, and miscellaneous items like phone chargers are hidden under the love seat.

We thought perhaps the couple was choosing to live like this because it was a bargain, but no. They pay $1,500/month for the studio. And that's one thing the space would be too small to contain: our rage every month upon seeing the rent bill.

Here's one more pic:

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