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Big Reveal: $720K For a 2BR Condo in Boerum Hill

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Pricespotters were almost spot on the price this week, with a median guess of $707K, or just a few grand under the actual ask of $720,000 for the 2BR/2BA condo in Boerum Hill. The address is at 556 State Street, which puts the building right across Flatbush from The Brooklyn Academy of Music. Two commenters were actually residents of the building, and offered everyone some interesting, if not conflicting, inside information.

One thing that many would find annoying about this unit is that it faces a Mosque that has amplified prayer calls multiple times a day, and occasional longer services .The other resident thought the call to prayers wasn't such a big deal if windows were kept closed. One pricespotter characterized the rather nice kitchen as a "FAIL" because his girlfriend wouldn't be able to reach the microwave. That relationship calls for a step stool, or every kitchen cabinet in the apartment and the city would also fall into the FAIL category. Thanks for playing!
· 556 State Street #6CN [Corcoran via StreetEasy]
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