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Here Now, a Monopoly Board for the Lower East Side

The clever minds over at Bowery Boogie have made our new favorite board game: a Lower East Side version of Monopoly. Called "Boogieoply," the board features beloved LES establishments like the Donut Plant and Max Fish alongside loathed spots like 180 Ludlow and the Thompson LES, which nabbed one of the cheapest slots on the board. All of the railroad spot have been changed to the neighborhood's subway lines, and the community chest cards are held by an image of the famous topless woman; the visible card reads "Legally Topless on the Bowery? Collect $25,000 (and a few pervs)." On the chance card, a fellow blog gets a shout out: "Your bar got slammed on EV Grieve. Pay $2,000." Which spots would you include? Or better yet, what other neighborhoods should get their own Monopoly? Take to the comments!

You can find a large image of full board here.
· "Boogieopoly" Game Board for the Lower East Side [Bowery Boogie]