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Rust Not a Bust on Jackson Avenue Says Developer

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The developer of East on East—the rusting steel-clad building on Jackson Avenue in Hunters Point—wants to clarify a few points raised by critics who don't like the modernist building inspired by painter Piet Mondrian and sculptor Richard Serra. Amol Sarva does not dispute that the building is rusting, but says that this is by design and any negative repercussions are simply signs of a work in progress.

"The complainers about rust on the sidewalk are wrong - the sidewalk is the pre-construction sidewalk and the finished facade system does incorporate a gutter system that catches all the runoff. Only the final sewer drain connection for that gutter is pending, which is why we haven't repaved yet. Although the East of East facade was unveiled and units went on the market (and in contract) two years ago, delays attributed to a plumbing contractor who went out of business are reportedly the reason the building just opened up last month. Sarva said that rust runoff is no longer a problem, and the site will look cleaned up when landscaping is planted, the sewer drain connection is completed, and the permanent sidewalk put in place. This should happen in "probably a couple of months," according to the the developer.
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13-14 Jackson Avenue

13-14 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY