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I've lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn and I have a place in the Hamptons- I can afford to live well anywhere in NYC and I choose to live in queens. First LIC, and now Astoria. I like how people on this site that are renting 400 sf walk ups on avenue C have this condescending tone, as if they've achieved something by being a complete asshole. Also, i got tired of living around people like "Ant Road" - the type of dipshit who moves to new york and says stuff like "I don't go above 14th street", "nobody wants to live in queens" or reads NY magazine and goes to wait on line for an hour for a table by the bathroom at the restaurant of the week to eat something wrapped in bacon and pay $24 for mediocre mac and cheese with truffle oil. Don't get me wrong, Queens is full of assholes also- but its a more genuine type of asshole - the type of guy who quadruple parks in the middle of a busy intersection, not the type of asshole who writes reviews of bottle service clubs on yelp.—guest [
What $1,500 Can Rent You Around New York City]