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Grass-Filled Steel Cubes Land in Broadway Pedestrian Plazas

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The Garment District has gone green, in a rather unconventional way: two artists have planted six towering grassy cubes in the pedestrian plazas along Broadway between 35th and 41st Streets. Aptly named "Broadway Green," the steel cubes rise 12-feet above the street, propped up on three poles to expose the vegetal sides, which will continue to grow. One of the artists told DNAinfo, "We're elevating nature in relation to the vertical spaces in our city." She also says they want the cubes to create a "quiet presence" to let people "stop and ponder." Just watch out for the bike lane, millions of other pedestrians, and all that traffic on Broadway.

The installation is put on by the Fashion Center BID, and it will be on display through August 27. The artists, Patricia Leighton and Del Geist, are both based in the Garment District. Click through for more photos.
· Fashion Center BID Fills Pedestrian Plazas with Grassy Cubes [DNAinfo]