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$1.795M for a Flatiron Con—Hey! A Puppy!

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This 1.5BR in 141 Fifth Avenue might not have the cachet of its upstairs neighbor, the creamy cupola penthouse, but it makes up for it by having an adorable little dog that watches you while you check out the listing photos (well, one of them.) The apartment is asking $1.795 million and even if the little guy doesn't come with it (which, honestly, should knock the price down a few hundred thousand at least), it's still a very nice place—open and spacious at 1,203 square feet, with two bathrooms and a little home office. And you know you're in a fancy place when the toilet seat is made out of wood. The listing doesn't mention whether or not the building allows pets, but we're going to go with yes.

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141 Fifth Avenue

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY