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7BR Hamptons House Fit For a Minor King

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We profile one fun weekend home every Sunday, courtesy of Curbed Hamptons...

Location: Southampton North
Price: $4,900,000
Size: 7BR, 5BA, 6,800 sq. ft.

This Victorian on a one-acre lot has a lot of really nice things—as it should, for almost $5 million. These nice things include, but are not limited to: multiple stone fireplaces (including one in the foyer—the rare foyer fireplace), tasteful columns, an array of chandeliers, a large decked-out kitchen, a heated pool (of course), and a bathroom with a wood floor and carpet, which looks nice but maybe isn't the best idea? Unless, that is, you have multiple servants who dry you completely the second you step out the shower. Which, if you're buying this house, seems like a possibility.
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