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Willow Hotel Adding to Construction Excitement on West 57th

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It's fairly easy to fall in the shadow of the towering One57—both figuratively and literally—but progress is being made at 120 West 57th Street, where the new hotel designed by Roman & Williams, the upstart interior design firm (the Standard Hotel, the Ace Hotel, Gwyneth Paltrow's place) "has 11 more floors to go but some of the facade components are being applied." That's according to the firm's ,Facebook page, which posted the progress photo above and previously published the spotlight-lit rendering. A statement on the design released in 2010 said that "the façade is defined by two muscular shoulders – made of iron-spot black brick – that define, frame and ground the building’s front elevation. Glazed black brick and metal windows – muntined to create the feeling of a beautiful lantern when lit from within – comprise the bulk of the façade." That brick sounds like what is now visible on the site's exterior.
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Willow Hotel

120 West 57th Street, New York, NY