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Spring Cleaning Up: The 10 Largest NYC Sales in Q2

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It's easy to get bogged down in the important data of quarterly market reports—trends of market rental pricing, inventory levels, and interest rates—and wind up missing out on the fun stuff, like the TEN BIGGEST SALES OF THE SECOND QUARTER, as provided by the good people at PropertyShark. No need to strain any neurons figuring this stuff out. It's just dollars and a sense for over-sized square footage. Enjoy!

10) Address: 7 East 80th Street
Price: $19 million
The Skinny: This Upper East Side single family mansion was hoping to nab $24 million in a sale, but only drew $19 million during the second quarter. Ten years ago the building sold for $7.5 million before undergoing a 7200-square-foot modernizing renovation. As painful as it must have been for the seller, the Pricechop wasn't large enough to bump it off the Q2 Top 10 list.

9) Address: 100 Eleventh Avenue, #23PH
Price: $19.4 million
The Skinny: One half of this potential record-setting combo sold at Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue after a pricechop down from an ask of $22 million. The buyer picked up a 4BR/3.5BA apartment with a 4,400 square foot terrace, which is nothing to half-sneeze at.

8) Address: 88 Central Park West, #8N and #9W
Price: $19.5 million
The Skinny: Former Time Warner CEO N.J. Nicholas sold his family's 6,000 square foot duplex at the closely held building The Brentmore for an 11% discount off the asking price after just three months on the market. Having neighbor Robert De Niro almost burn the building down with a dirty lint trap in his dryer couldn't have helped.

7) Address: 15 Central Park West, #15C
Price: $23.4 million
The Skinny: This was the largest sale at 15 CPW since Sandy Weill sold The Gilded Benchmark at Limestone Jesus, against which all others would be judged. The listing photos for the 3BR/3.5BA condo featured a guitar-wielding robot, which should probably be able to play a mean solo at these prices.

6) Address: 1033 Madison Avenue #89BA aka 39 East 79th Street
Price: $24.5 million
The Skinny: This 9,000 square foot duplex co-op on Madison Avenue and East 79th Street contains 14 rooms, including 4 bedrooms and 71 full pane windows facing in every direction.

5) Address: 1030 Fifth Avenue, #9W
Price: $31.5 million
The Skinny: A Goldman Sachs banker wanted to take advantage of the feverish market for high-end residences by selling his four-bedroom apartment at 1030 Park with five terraces, including one off a maid's room. He was looking for $35 million, but had to settle for a little less when the co-op sold in April.

4) Address: 884 Fifth Avenue aka 2 East 70th Street
Price: $40.1 million
The Skinny No public listing was even needed for former home of late billionaire Teddy Forstmann, whose 4,000 square foot duplex is described as understatedly elegant, with the upper floor essentially one large master suite with a formal library/sitting room, and the lower level including two additional guest rooms. The ask was only $36 million before it sold in June at a premium.

3) Address: 973 Fifth Avenue
Price: $42 million
The Skinny: The third-largest sale of the quarter was a single-family home on Fifth Avenue. The Stanford White-designed mansion at 973 Fifth Avenue, in all its 15,225-square-foot glory, has sold in the biggest townhouse deal of the quarter and year to date.

2) Address: 740 Park Avenue #1213
Price: $52.5 million
The Skinny: Courtney Sale Ross finally sold her duplex co-op with potential eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, two libraries, game room and gym, and six terraces in May after at least six months on the market.

1) Address: 50 Central Park South #30/31
Price: $70 million
The Skinny: Casino mogul Steve Wynn bought this 10,882-square-foot duplex apartment in June after selling his place at The Plaza. It was the most expensive condo on the market at the time, and the biggest sale of Q2 2012. Congratulations Steve Wynn!
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