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Luxury Condos Coming to FiDi, This Time For Real

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In 2003, a project was proposed for a vacant FiDi lot with frontage at 246 Front Street and 267 Water Street. The plan was composed of a seven-story condominium building on Front Street and a four-story townhouse on Water Street and it was, in fact, approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Then some bad things happened with the economy and the project never happened. Fast forward to the present, and things looking up. Mark Zuckerberg and Silly Bandz have come along and made America great again (we're really not sure how this stuff works) and now people are interested in building condos just like they used to be. The lot has since sold to developer Andreas Giacoumis, and he, along with Darrin Krumpus of BORO Architects, are going through with the original plan (with a few minor changes.) They presented their plans to Community Board 1 last Thursday.

The Front Street building would be a seven-story building with five units. With the bottom floor designated for commercial use, the rest of the units would take up entire floors, presumably with the top two floors composing the duplex penthouse. The Community Board praised the "subdued design" of the brick building, although they did have a few qualms about the cornices calling them "aggressive." (This will probably make more sense once we have the actual renderings, hopefully by the end of the week.)

The Water Street building, a four-story townhouse with a facade of steel and zinc, raised a few concerns. The Board, while maintaining that it did not dislike the design of the building, worried that it would be too "abrupt" in the middle of a very historic block. "I do not believe [this] facade will pass the LPC," one member said. Ultimately, four of the Board members voted to approve both buildings while the other two voted to approve the Front Street building but not the Water Street building. Giacoumis and Krumpus will present the plans to the LPC on the 24th.
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246 Front Street

246 Front Street, New York, NY