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Fortress of Glassitude Ready to Rise at 400 Park Avenue South

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The crystalline shards of Christian de Portzamparc's 400 Park Avenue South are finally emerging from the financial deep freeze and getting ready to rise along East 28th Street. Necessary approvals were obtained in March, and zoning diagrams posted at the Department of Buildings reveal the 42-story, 363 unit stack of uber-luxurious living in all its glory. David B. Middleton of Handel Architects is shown as the architect of record, but the plan from developers Toll Brothers and Sam Zell comes from the creative crew at the de Portzamparc atelier, the same gang behind the tower of money now rising at One 57.

400 Park Avenue South will be filled with all sorts of goodies, many chronicled by the Observer. The amenities range from a lap pool and golf room nestled below street level to a big bike room tucked away in the sub-basement. Above that the residential units start to rise, running from 14 to six units per floor up to the 27th story, where an "amenity terrace" and lounge will be located. Above that the floors will hold two to six units, except at the very top where the 40th floor will be home to a full floor penthouse, capped by two floors of crystaline-encased mechanicals to keep the fortress humming. Floors 20 through 40 will be designed by Stephen Alton. This one will be a game changer for this stretch of Park Avenue South, and bring a new landmark to the ever-changing skyline. If things go as planned, folks will be filling up the fortress by sometime in 2015.
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400 Park Avenue South

400 Park Avenue South, New York, NY