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House Where Patti Smith Once Lived Hits Market for $1M

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Readers of Patti Smith's Just Kids may remember 160 Hall Street, where Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe shared their first apartment in New York. The Observer spotted a fresh listing for the property. Smith and Mapplethorpe paid $80/month for the second floor in 1967; today the entire building is asking?take a guess before we tell ya?$1 million. It's a 2,400-square-foot, multi-family townhouse that includes one studio, one 1BR, and one owner's duplex, plus a yard. One enthusiastic denizen of Curbed HQ has already looked up the school districts, and at P.S. 20, "Boys and girls walk in separate lines and there is an optional uniform." We don't think Smith and Mapplethorpe would approve.
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