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Gansevoort's Raucous Rooftop Parties Rile Park Ave. Neighbors

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Pool problems seem to be a regular thing for the Gansevoort Hotel Group. Last year, it was discovered that the West Village outpost had the dirtiest pool water in the city, and now, the hotel at 420 Park Avenue on the corner of 29th Street is under fire from neighbors for its wet and wild rooftop pool parties. The Post talks to several neighbors who say the Sunday afternoon boozy bashes are so loud that their windows vibrate. "Even when the windows are closed, you feel like there’s a sub-woofer in your apartment," said one disgruntled neighbor whose home looks down upon the rooftop. And when the party ends around 9 p.m., the drunken revelers, who apparently like to spray each other with $200 bottles of champagne, tumble out into the street, continuing the debauchery.

On top of that, the parties may be violation building codes by packing too many people onto the 19th floor pool terrace. Attendance hovers around 300 people, but according to the Post, the maximum allowed in the indoor and outdoor areas of the party space is only 254. The parties continue through Labor Day, and the hotel has no plans to change its ways, saying only "we try our best to respect our neighbors." Maybe it would help if the Gansevoort invited the neighbors to experience the techno beats of DJ Chuckie for themselves. But probably not.
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