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Inside New Chelsea Luxury Conversion Walker Tower

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

Shortly after we checked out the views from new Chelsea conversion Walker Tower, photographer Will Femia returned to photograph the building's interiors, giving us the perfect excuse to discuss the place once again. There are 10 active listings, priced between $6.25 million and $13.495 million, with another eight units already in contract. The apartments with the most eye-popping prices have yet to be listed; we'll probably all be able to feel the earth shaking in Chelsea when they are.
In the meantime, the model unit is a 3BR, 3.5BA pad with a home office and a private terrace. There are a few fun custom features: Smallbone fixtures, French herringbone floors, the world's largest tilt-and-turn windows, and a powder room floor pattern based on an Art Deco wallpaper. (That's one of several throwbacks to architect Ralph Walker's Art Deco building design; the interiors this time around were designed by CetraRuddy.) Wall switches control automatic shades that roll up into the doors and windows. The terrace wall was shortened (and glass added on top) to make the building a little more resident-friendly.

As for the building beyond the model unit, a few Verizon workers?the whole placed used to be Verizon property?remain on the building's lower floors, but their access is completely separate from residents' access. Sadly, we didn't get a look into the amenities spaces, which will include a roof deck with cabana room, fitness center, sauna and steam room, library lounge, and playroom designed like a miniature village. Hopefully complete with child-sized luxury condos!
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Walker Tower

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