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Luna Park Takes Over NYC, Turns Chrysler Building Into Swings

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Manhattan is now home to the world's tallest carnival swing ride, whizzing around the top of the Chrysler Building! At least it is in this whimsical video ad for Luna Park by Fernando Livschitz (spotted by Animal NY), which visualizes the city's landmarks as massive amusement park rides. A giant spinning wheel swings from the Brooklyn Bridge. A tilt-a-whirl car zips through Times Square. A superman roller coaster flys past the Empire State Building. It's the New York of our dreams.

New York Park from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

What's really incredible is how lifelike the video looks. Livschitz uses tilt shift photography and a lot of super cool effects that we won't even pretend we know anything about to make the short video ad. These types of videos are clearly his thing, as his website has several others showing major cities turned into carnivals.
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