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Here Now, Transforming Furniture for Future Micro-Dwellers

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Mayor Bloomberg has announced that he's determined to stuff us into micro-apartments?"it's the way of the future"?and furniture makers are ready to capitalize. The folks at Resource Furniture invited us over for a look at their small-space furniture options, and our apartments are already pretty small, so we went. Perched above Third Avenue is their showroom containing hidden beds and spiffy Italian design. That cute couch over there? Oh, no big deal, it turns into a queen-sized bed. What is that, a cool looking desk? Yeah, and it also turns into a bunk bed. Everything in the showroom moves, folds and expands. Designed by Clei in Italy (Resource is the only place that carries Clei furniture), the shape-shifting furniture has been around since 1962. We saw small end tables that turned into banquet tables and a desk that turns into a bed. If you have tons of space and are wondering, "Why do I need a hidden bed in my 14-bedroom, two floor apartment in 15CPW?" we shall respond, "Can we move in with you?" and "The furniture can turn any space into a multi-use, creatively designed room." So, there's that.
?Robert Aquino
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