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Brooklyn's Tallest Building Taking Dorm/Nightclub Approach

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Brooklyn's tallest building, The Brooklyner, also issues some of Brooklyn's best memos from management. A tipster passed along the latest, which follows up on past resident concerns about too many people using the building's public lounges. The solution: wrist bands for everyone! The memo:

First, from this point forward all guests will be required to sign in at the front desk. This log will be kept on file to readily access.

Secondly, due to increased capacity and anticipated use of the lounges, management has decided to implement wrist bands to all residents. Each apartment will receive one band per occupant as well as four guest bands, the maximum number of guests allowed in the lounges per apartment. Upon issuance of the bands, residents and guests will be required to wear the bands at all times while occupying the lounges. All residents will be asked to sign for their bands at the leasing office once they have arrived.

Replacement bands will be limited to one per apartment at a cost of $50.

Lose more than one wrist band? Your parents will be called.
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