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Sneak a Peek Inside New Series 666 Park Avenue

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A teaser trailer was released for the upcoming ABC series 666 Park Avenue, about a tony Manhattan building where residents only have to sign over their souls in exchange for a lease. The trailer confirms some earlier information and reveals new details. The hellishly beautiful building called The Drake (disguised as 999 Park Avenue) is actually The Ansonia, which has been lured from Broadway and the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side. We think The Dakota is still spookier, but that building already has its damnation-backstory tightly locked up. In this highly fictional world, the The Ansonia/Drake's 2500 rooms are occupied by just 80 residents, which averages to 30+ rooms per apartment. Normally TV apartments for New Yorkers have to be made unrealistically large. In this case, the opposite!

Amenities are supposedly luxe, but the trailer shows what may be the dingiest/most haunted laundry room in NYC real estate. We don't want to mistakenly reveal any spoilers—even about a trailer—so take a look and let us know what you think about The Drake, and 666 Park Avenue.
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666 Park Avenue

660 Park Avenue, New York, NY