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Get Ready for More Hotel Nightlife on Park Avenue South

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Midtown South is turning into quite the party spot. Neighbors pissed off about Sunday rooftop pool parties at the Gansevoort Hotel and the fun-loving types that attend them should make room in their complaint journals for the incoming hotel at 444 Park Avenue South, which will feature no fewer than three bars and restaurants. The office building was just purchased by LA-based nightclub operator and hotelier Sam Nazarian and Moin Development Corp., who plan to make 444 Park the NYC point of Nazarian's LA-Miami-NY nightlife triangle, according to The Wall Street Journal. To transform the rather staid-looking office building into a part of his SLS (i.e., style, luxury, service) brand, Nazarian will add five stories to the structure and has recruited Phillippe Starke to design the interiors. The finished product will feature 190 rooms that will go for nightly rates of $450 to $550.
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