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Enlarged 45 Great Jones Street Will Go Partially Residential

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission pulled off a hat trick yesterday, approving a renovation plan for 45 Great Jones Street in addition to the plans for 15 Leonard and the Brooklyn Municipal Building. The former home of a lumber business, 45 Great Jones will be partially converted to residential space, and the rather rundown building's facade will get an architectural upgrade, too.

Richard Metsky, the high profile architect who is handling the project, detailed the changes that the plans had undergone since the last, unsuccessful attempt in front of the LPC on June 12. (The photos above are from that attempt; we've reached out to Metsky for the fresh renderings and will update when we hear back.) Metsky showed new plans with a recessed and smaller penthouse. The LPC's members were fans of the building's adjusted height, which they said blends better with the rest of the Bowery's historic buildings.
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