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You Can Catch a Wave-y Pavilion at Rockaway Beach

There's more to beach architecture than building sand castles. Tomorrow NYC Parks will cut the ribbon on its renovated west park at Far Rockaway. The centerpiece of the redesign is this covered pavilion with seating and a comfort station. It was designed by WXY Architects + Urban Design as part of the redevelopment of Rockaway Park through PlaNYC.

A massive undulating roof, reminiscent of gull wings and wind-rippled fabric, provides shade for a seating area whose furnishings appear like stones smoothed and rounded by the sea. Restrooms at the far end have an equally soothing atmosphere, combining sea-green glazed tiles with natural daylighting -- also making it efficient and sustainableThis is one of those occasions where the photograph of the finished product looks much more inviting than the rendering. If anyone is out in Far Rockaway and can offer a firsthand account of the pavilion, we're all ears over at the tips line.

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