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New Leonard Street Condo Finally Approved by Landmarks

The last time 11-15 Leonard Street went before the Landmarks Preservation Commission, it was compared to Darth Vader. That's a hard comparison to get over, but a few modifications later, the 11-15 Leonard team returned to the LPC yesterday?and walked away with LPC approval for the project.

One of the specific complaints from the commissioners and neighbors last time around was the height of the penthouse, planned to encompass about a third of the entire structure. Developer Steven Schnall?also known around these parts as the creator of Our Suburb?addressed that concern by scaling down the penthouse. Schnall didn't do anything about what one commissioner called the "tiresome" fenestration, but the brick has been changed from gray to red. (Someone did request more warmth.) The ultimate verdict, from commissioner Michael Devonshire: "this building is now very appropriate. It's going to add to the district and fill in the gap in the street very well." What say you, neighbors?
?Reporting by Arabella Watters
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