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The Times Has Officially Anointed Williamsburg

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Attention, world. Stop the presses. Hold the L train in the station. The Times has discovered Williamsburg! And Williamsburg is pretty cool?at least the part around the new Wythe Hotel. The article is really worth reading in its entirety, but that didn't stop us from having some favorite lines. And here they are:

10) "The hipper gals wore Alexander Wang tops and Isabel Marant dresses, while some women showed up in Coach bags and kitten heels, fashion choices more commonly associated with Midtown than Bedford Avenue."

9) "But now they share air with an influx of European and Asian tourists in search of the 'trés Brooklyn' experience (a phrase so twee that it is now routinely mocked), along with a swell of Manhattanites drawn to the neighborhood’s newfound cachet."
8) "The dazzling hotel and night life complex, a staple of the Manhattan circuit, has finally washed up on Brooklyn’s hype-friendly shores, bringing with it the kind of crowds eager to finally explore the Next Big Thing."

7) Since Wythe refuses to do bottle service, determined drinkers (including a group of Swedes who kept barking orders for rosé wine) were forced to bring their own ice buckets to the outdoor tables. This is what passes for V.I.P. in the land of D.I.Y.

6) "'It’s still a relatively expensive cab ride or long train ride to get to that specific part of Williamsburg from the city or even other parts of Brooklyn,' said Matt Kliegman, who runs the Jane Hotel Ballroom and is an owner of the popular hangouts The Smile on Bond Street and The Westway nightclub in the far West Village. 'In order for people to show up, these new developments had to create a fresh energy and feeling of community over there.'"

5) "One gentleman, rocking back and forth on his skateboard, disparaged Le Bain, the lounge atop the Standard hotel in the meatpacking district: 'I’m never going back there again!'"

4) "When the sun crept below the jaw-dropping Manhattan skyline, it seemed to activate everyone’s internal Instagram clock. A sea of iPhones shot up to capture the blazing pink hues (#nofilter), as if the singer Grimes had just made a surprise appearance at a Skrillex concert."

3) They were out-of-town parents?giveaways with their cargo shorts, Barneys garment bags and earnest Teva sandals?and they, too, have found their slice of Williamsburg, a nice-enough hotel to spend the night while they visit their children living nearby?.Their fish-out-of-water tableau seemed to transform the restaurant’s tasteful vintage interiors into a “Twilight Zone” IHOP, one that served slow-cooked scrambled eggs and home-churned butter. 'These people have got to be the parents of the locals,' a handsome waiter with a woodsy mustache said. 'We’re really looking at a post-post-post-gentrification neighborhood, aren’t we?'"

2) "Seated on two of the coveted lounge chairs were Michael and Mary Swanhaus, television producers in their 30s who live in one of adjacent condos. 'Every day feels like a vacation, but with artistic touches,' Mr. Swanhaus said as his 9-month-old daughter, Daisy, splashed in the pool with a family friend?.'I call this area the "magic block,"' he added."

1) "GETTING THERE A cab from Manhattan is about $20 to $25, depending on your departure spot. The closest subway stations to the Wythe Avenue hub are the Nassau Avenue stop on the G train and the Bedford Avenue stop on the L train."
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