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St. Ann's Warehouse Moves Forward With H3-Designed Theater

With that pesky lawsuit out of the way, avant-garde theater group St. Ann's Warehouse can finally move forward with their plans to transform the Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park into their new home. So what will their new home look like? It's been awhile since the designs were revealed, so let's review: it will not have a great Egyptian pyramid. Instead, it will look pretty much the same as the Tobacco Warehouse currently does, except it will have a roof and there will be stuff inside. H3 Hardy Collaboration, designers of many a theater in NYC, created a theater that will complement and preserve the historic structure?it's essentially "a building within a building," according to the Architect's Newspaper.

The theater arrangements can fit 100-300 people, and the building will have simple plate glass windows to allow views of the park and a flat roof of Cor-ten steel.

The small triangular plot beside the building below the Brooklyn Bridge will become a public open-air garden with seating and a cafe.

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Tobacco Warehouse

Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201