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Avedon/Sarkozy House Returns to 8 Digit Club at $12.5M

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Is this a case of arbitraging the Yuck-factor associated with one of the Olsen twins dating a middle-aged businessman and brother-in-law of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, or a case of amnesia and a future Pricechopper retread? Richard Avedon's former home at 407 East 75th Street is back on the market at a 50% markup from the price it sold for earlier this year, according to the Post. Oliver Sarkozy, who is dating pint-sized billionairess Mary-Kate Olsen, initially listed the 8,075 square foot former carriage house at $11.95 million, but pricechopped the property several times until he could finally sell it for $8.4 million in January.

January's buyer was former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air executive producer and tech entrepreneur Kevin Wendle, who now has the 25-foot-wide home on East 75th Street back on the market for $12.5 million. Maybe he senses that Sarkozy was just desperate to sell to get closer to his much-younger and cooler girlfriend, who was embarrassed to tell her BFFs she was dating some old dude who lived in a place called Above-14th-Street. Indeed, Sarkozy's $15,000-a-month rental in Chelsea may not have been cool enough, because the frenchman is now buying a townhouse even further downtown. Don't crowd her Oliver, you fool!

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407 East 75th Street

407 East 75th Street, New York, NY