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Homebuilder Sells $21M Village Home for $17.85 Million

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Homebuilder Ara Hovnanian didn't build his own townhouse at 16 West 12th Street?he bought it for $15.35 million in 2010. Then he renovated and put it back on the market for a whopping $21 million last fall, just about what we'd expect from someone in the business. The renovation left the townhouse with a quirky mix of old and modern decor: two 16-century stone fireplaces in the living room, plus a movie screen and projector on the south wall. And let's not forget the mercury-mirrored walls in the formal dining room! Weird as it sounds, the place doesn't look too bad?and a buyer just paid $17.85 million for it. Said buyer is hidden behind an LLC. Anyone have an ID?
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