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Inside the Waterfall Mansion's Art-Filled Rooms

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Kate Shin's 10,800-square-foot Waterfall Mansion is still for sale on the Upper East Side—recently pricechopped in May to $31 million—but is being used as an art display space and luxury goods showcase. Last week, the converted carriage house hosted an opening for the display of contemporary and modern work of nine emerging Korean artists. A full-house crowd filed up and down the narrow staircase between each of the five floors, stopping to take in massive individual rooms that were almost entirely empty save for the work of the artists and some minimalist furnishings. The eponymous centerpiece of the house is a 23-foot waterfall that cascades down a stone wall in the ground floor rear interior of the mansion.

The townhouse works as a gallery, but it's easy to see why it's having difficult selling as a home. Surrounded on many sides by higher residential buildings and featuring towering glass walls into high-ceiling bedrooms, any future residents will be the ones on display for appreciation.
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170 East 80th Street

170 East 80th Street, New York, NY